Photo Puzzles


Looking for something different, something unique, something special? Look no further. Send your family or friends the ideal birthday or wedding gift this year!

Send us that special photo and we will make a 1000 jigsaw puzzle from it. You can frame your puzzle after it is built. This is an excellent present to see all day long!


A large print of your photo is sealed onto cardboard. This in turn will be cut by a puzzle die, which is passed through a high-pressure machine. The puzzle pieces are then placed in a protective Ziploc bag, sealed and then covered in our high quality puzzle box along with your photo.

A Jigsaw puzzle can be created from any photo. Seeing your own creation made into a photo jigsaw, makes puzzle making even more fun.

Cell phone users can easily upload their images to make into photo puzzles. As your photos are already in a digital format, just select the image you want to make into a puzzle and upload it with your order.

Make sure your original photos are in a good condition and big enough for us to enlarge to make your photo puzzle. Photos of 300dpi or more than 2MB (for the 1000piece puzzle) will normally be large enough to produce a good quality digital image file. The final size of the 1000piece puzzle is 750x500mm. The 500piece is 650mm x 450mm.

You only send your photo after you have placed your order. We will send you an email when you place your order, and you send us your photo as attachment when you reply to our email.

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